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"Within our short time with Gramophone and Effective Immediately PR we've gained some major ground. From premiering with the source magazine to securing heavy interest in Tidal's very offices. We were able to use the results we got from pitching to sharpen up our brand's strategy and approach.  I appreciate the transparency in the working relationship, we addressed, got the ball rolling, and made key shots. Also I want to personally thank ya'll for taking the extra step during the last month, extending that helping hand during that situation, really means alot to the brand. With that type of trust,  we are looking to work with you all in the future as our funds and releases align properly." - Mvstermind

"To think where we were months ago trying to find the $ to make this happen to where we now bring me and the band much joy. We are very satisfied with our campaign and appreciate everyone's hard work! Let me say again - WE ABSOLUTELY have loved our time working with Gramophone. When its time to start releasing assets again - we know who to call. “ - Bat House

"Y'all have been such a huge part of my development I feel like I don't even know what my career would be like without you all." - Jackie Venson

"Our good friends in Ovtlier have worked with you and we noticed the tremendous resutlts they were getting. We reached out hoping for somewhat of the same outcome. Johnny and Jeremy were key in understanding the direction." - Destroy // Create 

I've been working with the team since June they are bi-coastal - I'm based in LA but their main office is in NYC. I have released a single & music video with them since then and am getting a great response - my publicist is so wonderful and down to earth - she has felt invested from day 1. Highly recommend them!! - Kismet

I know we still have some time left for our campaign, but I wanted to let you know that Meijin is absolutely CRUSHING it!!! We could not be happier with the results we are getting and are so happy we decided to move forward with you guys. I cannot thank you enough for all the work you are doing. 
Jordan and I already started production on some new music, and when the time comes hopefully we can partner up again! Our experience so far has been second to none. Anyways, that's it just wanted to let you know we are loving it and thank you! 

-Jared from The Band Gooch

"I cannot speak highly enough of Meijin and Patrick. Inside of a month, they have acquired a dozen features and exclusive premiere slots for 2 of my singles, plus 2 live radio interviews. I am super grateful to them and so happy that I decided to go with them for my campaign. Of course, no PR can guarantee placements, all they can do is pitch, but I can testify that this team works really hard on your behalf and communicates on a daily basis. Extremely happy!" - Sjae


"Jeremy was really great in getting us in the door and making us feel like our release mattered and was something the team truly believes in." - Karina

"Its been so amazing working with you all! After doing this by myself for so long i finally dont feel alone. Im now being looked at by Sony from our work together. I couldnt be happier!” - Steph Copeland

"Hey Patrick! My publicist is just the absolute best. I love her so much. You guys are my fucking heart!” - Lolahiko

"Hey Patrick, just wanted to reach out and thank you for your work and bringing me into the fold with you guys. It really made a lot of difference in my project's roll out and I'm glad I went with you. Hope we can work together in the future. “ - The Hand That Wields It

"Referred by Paul A., but his artist name is Van Alden. He said you guys did right by him. He's successful now in fashion & music. I want to do something similar. I've seen/heard terrible reviews about other companies but hearing what he said and meeting w. Jeremy it made me feel like I'm like good hands." - Lucky!

"Our label head, River Jones let me know today that you guys did an amazing job with our campaign. That he hadn't seen so much press for an independent band before." - Between The Rain

"Hey Jeremy - writing to let you know I've been really satisfied with EIPR throughout the entire campaign, and very impressed with Meijin's work on my singles/album! I would love to keep the door open to work with you guys on my future projects as well!"  -Ben Eunson

"Hi Meijin! I wanted to thank you so much for all your hard work. You've been amazing and wonderful and I'm so thankful for everything! I can't wait to work with you again. I'm going into production hibernation now and I'm hoping to be sure to contact you again when I'm ready for some more killer press!" - Darro

Just wanted to express my happiness with how things are going so far with Meijin and the direction of the press side of things. It's helped a lot and really freed me up to be creative when it's really important to be. Entrusting this to other people is new to me and it's been really encouraging to see it going well. Seeing myself on the local Vortex magazine website was definitely strange since they were someone specifically I pictured being picked up by someday. For feeling like this project is just getting started this initial boost has been overwhelming in a very positive way.  -Baron Minker

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