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Our Philosophy

As your publicity team, we pitch you and your story, alongside the things you are doing and the assets you give us, to the appropriate music based media tastemakers and influencers. This includes writers, editors, bloggers, curators, people in TV / Radio. We pitch you for coverage such as exclusive premiers, general features, interviews (both online and in person), in-studio performances, culture and lifestyle pieces, podcasts, social media takeovers, guest blogging opportunities, at the local, regional, and national level. When we secure media and press coverage for you, that coverage gets pushed out to the media’s readership, viewership, or listenership.


We not only interface between you and the media, but we also serve as content producers. Every press hit secured for you is a piece of validating, shareable content for distribution through your social media platforms, ours, and oftentimes, the media’s. Our efforts on your behalf, especially for emerging talent, are focused on building awareness and visibility for you. Aggregated over time, this exposure elevates you in the eyes of the media, your existing fans, and those who discover you.


The campaigns that produce the most and see the highest level of results are the ones where the artist delivers consistently exceptional content and quite often as a direct correlation, are the campaigns that go the longest. When we work together for a longer period of time, there are simply more things that we can do together. We believe in hustling, working hard, and aiming high. We also believe in being thorough and really patient, as it takes time to build something great.


There's no obligation for anyone in the media to cover you, no matter our relationship or the quality of your asset. It is our job to deliver results in the face of this. You may often hear that there are no guarantees in publicity, and, while that is true, however, there are no guarantees in anything that you do. Our philosophy is that if we choose to take on your campaign, then we do guarantee that we will produce results for you. Specific press results, at a specific time, is what we can't guarantee.


Artists will often ask us “What do I need to do to make this campaign successful?” Our answer is this:


-Deliver us the content that we’re going to be working, on time

-Give us ample time to work it

-Be patient

-Be interested in the success of your own campaign

-Bring positive energy to your team


The benefits of hiring our publicity team include our experience in speaking to media and their lead time requirements, the depth of our media relationships, and the tastes and preferences of the people we pitch.


We are more than just publicists. For many of you, we might represent your entire team. We want you to look to us as your resource for information and a guide through this process of releasing new music and building a name for yourself.


It's important to understand the role of a publicist and what we do. It's equally important to understand who we are not, and what we don't do. We do not pitch you to record labels nor playlists. We are not radio promoters, nor are we bookers.


There are many people and companies that do a similar type of work. The thing that sets us apart from others is not what we do, but why we do it, and the intention behind our work.


This company was founded on the principle of fighting for artists in the face of any challenge, in a business that is extremely competitive, and where there is no scarcity of good music. The things that we can collectively control are the quality of the content, the quality of the plan, and the quality and quantity of the actions we take as a team.