Your Music, Your Story, Heard.



As your publicity team, we pitch you, your story, your activities, and your assets (tracks, videos, EP, Album), to select music-based tastemakers and influencers in the media. This includes staff writers, editors, bloggers, curators, social influencers, and TV & Radio programmers.


We leverage our media relationships and experience to secure coverage such as, but not limited to, potential exclusive premieres, general features, interviews (both online and in-person), in-studio and live-stream performances, tour press, culture and lifestyle pieces, podcasts, social media takeovers, and guest blogging opportunities. 


Our efforts on your behalf are focused on building awareness and credibility for you and your music as well as creating validating content for your social channels and your SEO. Over time, this exposure shifts perception and elevates you in the eyes of the media, your existing fans, and those who discover you.


Your Story, Your Music, Heard.

Our mission is to provide a clear sense of direction for emerging artists like you and to give you the team experience you have been looking for. We truly understand the challenges that independent artists face, so we prioritize a personalized approach with flexibility and affordability at the forefront.  


Created late one night in a New York City diner, this "back of the napkin" company was founded on a relentless drive to fight for artists and grew from hustle and disrupting the status quo. We work with artists from around the world at every level and never lose touch with our fiercely independent spirit. 

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We listen to every single single submission. We never take for granted your interest and what it takes for you to reach out. If we feel you are a good fit for our roster, and that our services are right for you at this time, we will reach out. 

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